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Ways I can help you to use plant medicine to enhance your health, wellness and vitality! Let’s go over the options…

Mini Tea Consults

Would you like to have a tea designed specifically for you? …Or have one designed for a special friend or family member as a gift?

Mini Tea Consults offer a fun, special way you can have your own tea designed and blended just for you. You get to choose what you want its focus to be. You can decide on a physical or mental health priority you’d like to focus on, or choose a spirit or energetic focus for a meditation tea, or select a tea for balancing a specific chakra. You may simply want a locally crafted tea that’s designed to perfectly suit your flavour needs!

What to Expect

Prior to your tea consult I’ll have you fill out my Tea Consult Questionnaire Form, where you’ll choose and prioritize the focus categories you’d like me to concentrate on when blending your tea.

The fee includes a ½ hour Tea Consult where we discuss the priorities you have outlined in your Tea Consult Questionnaire Form and review your basic health, including any health conditions you have and medications you may be taking.

Mini Tea Consults: $50; includes ½ hour tea consult and your first jar of your personal tea blend with a personalized label!


Full Herbal Consults

While the Mini Tea Consults are a fun way to have an herbal tea designed and blended for you with one specific focus in mind, and offer a great introduction to using medicinal herbs, the Full Herbal Consults are for the person who is ready for a more in-depth look at his/her full health picture, and how herbal, dietary and lifestyle adaptations can work synergistically to enhance health, wellness and vitality. If this speaks to you, read on for a more detailed description of how herbal consults work. And yes—the tea is always on!

The Initial Herbal Consult:
60–90 minutes: $75 

Prior to us meeting for our first consultation I have my clients complete an intake form, which I review prior to our session. During the consult we discuss current health concerns, general well-being, past medical history, family health, diet, exercise and lifestyle. We’ll go over your treatment priorities, the underlying root causes of these concerns, and how we can look at your whole health and wellness picture when creating your new herbal plan. Based on our review, I will suggest an herbal protocol, as well as other appropriate recommendations, which may include nutritional and lifestyle suggestions. I will provide you with a summary of these suggestions and other notes following the visit.

Repeat/Follow-up Herbal Consults:
30 minutes: $40 | 45 minutes: $50 | 60 minutes: $60

Follow-up consults are shorter than the initial consult and are ideal when extra and/or ongoing support is needed. They may be 30, 45 or 60 minutes long, and are scheduled on an as-needed basis. During follow-up consults we talk about how you are making out with your current herbal protocol, and any new concerns that you may have. Based on this review we may choose to refine your herbal protocol.

Herbal Preparations:

Following each consultation, I review all of the information you have shared with me, and prepare a personalized herbal proposal, that may include tinctures, teas, syrups or external applications. The prices for these vary depending on your needs and the herbs used, however I make my best effort to supply quality preparations at a fair price. There will be no surprises, and I will let you know approximately how much your suggested herbal protocol would cost you per month, and make alternate suggestions if needed.


Wellness Workshops

My mission statement “Empowering people to use plant medicine to enhance their health, wellness and vitality” comes alive in my Wellness Workshops!

In these workshops I teach people about the basics of medicinal herbs, how to safely use them, and different ways to prepare them. I also offer workshops that blend my knowledge of herbs, nutrition and yoga to teach people about basic wellness, either generally or tailored to a specific theme, like enhancing immunity or decreasing stress. This combination of interconnected therapies allows me to offer students a variety of tools they can use towards achieving optimal wellness, as true wellness is achieved only through a combination of interconnected elements, rather than by following one specific avenue.


Wellness Writing

Need help with some wellness-related writing? I love all wellness-related topics, and have a special interest and knowledge in herbal- and tea-related wellness writing. Check out my blog posts to see if you like my style!

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