Made using two adaptogenic herbs, plus some companions, Vitality blend balances the spice of ginger and the sweetness of licorice root into a warming, revitalizing blend!

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Want to feel replenished and revitalized and like another cup of caffeine isn’t going to deliver what you really want? Imagine trying something altogether different and going about that afternoon slump in a different way today! Cup of Vitality anyone?

Made using two adaptogenic herbs, plus some companions, Vitality blend balances the spice of ginger and the sweetness of licorice root into a warming, revitalizing blend!

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Rhodiola (Rhodiola rosea) has been used for centuries in the folk medicine of some countries that it is indigenous to, and records of its use go back to mid-1700 in Europe, where it has a long tradition of use in Siberia, Russia, Sweden and Iceland. It grows well in northern regions and the rhodiola used in Vitality is North American grown.

Many herbalists consider Rhodiola to be one of the best energizing, yet calming, adaptogenic tonics for the nervous and endocrine systems. It is specific for treating general states of depletion and fatigue, lack of energy and depression, and is often used to treat fatigue caused by stress and to increase attention span, and concentration.

In vitro and human clinical trials suggest the main strong actions of rholiola include: adaptogen, anti-cancer, anti-depressant, anti-fatigue, antioxant, anti-stress, and mental stimulant.

Siberian Ginseng (Eleutherococcus senticosus): As an adaptogen, Eleutherococcus is popular for its ability to help the body adapt to different kinds of stress, and is thus commonly used for a range of conditions, including improving mental focus, concentration, and alertness, physical performance, and enhancing general wellness and vitality. The list is too long to report here, but if its speaking to you we invite you to do your own research.

Ginger root (Zingiber officinalis) is a well-loved, universally used herb in the kitchen and herbal medicine cabinets alike. Most commonly used as a warming, digestive herb, it is popular for its ability to help reduce nausea. It is also well-known as a circulatory stimulant with anti-microbial qualities, and for its powerful anti-inflammatory actions, which are due to its ability to act as a dual inhibitor of AA metabolism. As a circulatory stimulant, ginger helps deliver the benefits of other herbs around the body.

Licorice root (Glycyrrhiza glabra) is prized for its sweet flavor and has a long history of medicinal use around the world. It has uses in the respiratory, digestive and endocrine systems and is a common ingredient in herbal teas.

Lemongrass (Andropogon citratus) is commonly used in Asian cooking, and has a beautiful lemony flavor and smell that is loved as a tea.

Suggested Use:

Use 1 tsp. tea per cup of boiling water. Cover and steep for 15 minutes. Drink daily as desired; adults can drink up to 2 cups per day.



If you have a medical condition or are taking medications, consult with your doctor or healthcare provider before using this tea.

This blend contains Ginger root, which should be used cautiously in people with a history of acid reflux/heartburn, in people with gallstones and peptic ulceration.

This blend contains licorice root which should not be used in high blood pressure or with certain medications, including heart medications.

This blend contains Siberian ginseng which should not be used during acute illness, or by those with high blood pressure. It has been reported to have caused insomnia in some cases, and for this reason is best avoided by individuals prone to insomnia or enjoyed earlier in the day.

This blend contains Rhodiola which should be avoided or used with caution in individuals with bipolar spectrum disorders.

Consult with your health care practitioner if pregnant or breastfeeding.

Keep out of reach from children.

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