Empowering people to use plant medicine to enhance their health, wellness and vitality!

Here’s How Stellaria Herbals Can Help!

Herbal Consults

Mini Tea Consults & Full Herbal Consults provide 1-on-1 herbal support.

Functional Wellness Teas

Hand-blended in Nova Scotia, each herbal tea has a specific wellness focus.

Wellness Workshops

Have fun learning the basics of how you can use herbs to enhance your wellness!

Featured Blog Entries

Deep Immune Building Slow Cooker Tea

Deep Immune Building Slow Cooker Tea

Do you like the thought of having your tea bubbling away in the backdrop of your day? Prepare for the cold and flu season with this slow cooker deep immune building tea recipe!

Elder for Natural Cold and Flu Care

Elder for Natural Cold and Flu Care

Anyone who has ever experienced the symptoms of a common cold or flu virus will agree that Elder offers a winning combination of actions. From anti-viral berries, to flowers that help to clear congestion, your local Elder tree has much to offer!

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